Coronavirus Car Deals & Relief Programs

With the majority of Americans working from home, CarBlip understands the need for a car might not be essential right now. However, there are countless manufacturers looking to help lessen the financial burden while ensuring Americans aren’t without a car if they need one.

At CarBlip, one of the amazing services that we offer is handling a customer’s entire lease return. Now more than ever, people are doing as much as they can from the comfort of their own home. So […]

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What to Know When Negotiating a Car Lease

If you’ve ever negotiated what you think was a great deal on a car lease, you might want to think again. Part of any sales process is making you feel like you got a good deal, but how do you really know whether or not you actually did? How to negotiate a car lease kinda seem a little daunting.

Perhaps you whittled down the retail price that your lease was based on — something that many car buyers fail to do. But […]

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