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Your next car…delivered.

The ultimate car buying experience has arrived

Your next car…

The ultimate car buying experience has arrived

A Personal Car Concierge in the Palm of Your Hand

Enjoy your weekend! Stop wasting time sitting in a dealership. With CarBlip, you are given your very own car concierge who will help guide you through the entire car buying process. Not sure what you want? That’s ok too! Your personally assigned concierge is here to help you decide what car is right for your budget and lifestyle. 


The car buying experience, redefined.

CarBlip is changing the way we buy our cars. Whether you want to lease or buy, CarBlip is the easiest way to get your next car.


Your next car is at your fingertips

Once you submit your request, a member of CarBlip’s Concierge team will personally reach out to discuss your options.  Unlike a dealership, we are completely brand agnostic – meaning we are not tied to any single brand. Our goal is to get you whatever you want, when you want it, and at the best price possible. Oh, and then deliver it directly to your door! Pretty cool, right?


Going to the dealership is so last year

For those of us who know exactly what we want and don’t want to waste time sitting in a dealership, CarBlip is your answer. Select your color preferences, then choose your options, and we will find every car that matches your criteria. After you make your final selection, we deliver it directly to your door!


Skip the Dealership

On average, customers spend 4 hours sitting in a dealership to purchase a car. CarBlip let’s you handle everything from the comfort of your home.

No Additional Fees to You

That’s right. We don’t charge you. We explain everything you need to know: every cost, every option, every extended warranty – in detail.

Home Delivery

We bring the car directly to you and then walk you through everything about your new car!

See What Our Customers Are Saying

We pride ourselves on our service and love to hear from you! We give you our word this will be the best car buying experience you’ve ever had. What are you waiting for?

Love the ability to get some guidance from someone that is not tied to a dealership. They really did a great job from start to finish. Everyone should use CarBlip. I know I will for all my car needs and look forward to telling my friends and family how great this app was. Bravo CarBlip. You have my business for life.

Alex K., Santa Monica

Just got my new car this week! What a simple process. I had leased my BMW from a dealership and it was an awful experience so when I heard about this I wanted to try it so I could avoid going to a dealership. It was amazing. I was given so many options and they really helped explain what I needed versus what was just a waste of additional costs. When I finally decided on a car it was delivered to my office and they took my old one away and handled the entire lease return for me. Hands down best way to get a car!

Cheri W., Newport Beach

This was the easiest car buying process I’ve ever experienced. I originally wanted to buy used and they were going to take my old Range Rover and get me a new one but I ended up getting an incredible deal on a brand new lease. Something I had never even considered. I even price compared with other dealerships and I saved a TON. I’m a particular kind of buyer, they delivered a slew of choices on models that had the options I wanted and they helped find a rare color combo that really nailed it for me. They delivered my new truck and took my old one away. Paperwork took less than 10 minutes. Unreal. This is the future of buying/leasing folks… don’t miss out!

Brandon N., Los Angeles


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