Is Your Car Prepared for Winter?

Happy Winter Solstice! Here are some tips to make sure your car is prepared for the season: 

First, check your tires. 

Having enough tread will help make sure you are protected against slippery roads. The minimum legal tread depth in California is 2/32 of an inch, but for wet weather, it’s suggested to have at least 4/32 of an inch for better traction. Also, make sure your tires are inflated properly. 

Second, replace your wiper […]

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Time for Holiday Cheer

With Hanukkah already a memory and Christmas a week away, we want to share how we spread some holiday cheer this year. 

Holidays mean helping others: 

CarBlip participated in the Children’s Bureau Toy Drive for Foster Children this year and sponsored 17 children. 

The Children’s Bureau collects gifts for foster children living in Los Angeles County who have been separated from their birth families. These gifts are items the child has chosen or the resource […]

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