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CarBlip is a car-buying service that allows customers to get their new car without going to a dealership. Whether they’re looking to buy or lease, our customers receive personalized service from start to finish, with their new car delivered to their door.

At CarBlip, we envision a future where car buying is synonymous with trust, transparency, and simplicity. We strive to lead the automotive industry in customer-centric innovation by evolving the car buying experience. Our […]

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How to Tell if a Car is “Made in America”

With a growing emphasis on supporting local industries, the desire to promote domestic manufacturing and limiting transportation’s ecological effects, many people want to buy American-made vehicles. Here are a few key factors you can check to see what the car you have your eye on is made of. 

First, check the window sticker. One of the easiest ways to determine a car’s origin is by looking at the window sticker or Monroney label. This provides essential information […]

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