Mona Moradi has been named CarBlip’s Lead Concierge Sales Advisor. She has worked for CarBlip since 2020, achieving top sales every month for the sales team. Mona also constantly shares information with our concierge team and lends a helping hand as they learn the sales process. 

No one can deny Mona has sales down pat. She started her career in the automotive industry as a Product Concierge for Anderson Autos Mercedes Benz where she learned the skill of luxury automotive sales and client service. She became one of their top sales performers with the highest customer service index and continues that legacy at CarBlip. Mona is motivated and that comes through when she is working with clients. She rapidly identifies goals, finds out what the clients need, and makes it happen. Mona is constantly leveraging her connections to know what cars are on the ground and ensures they are matched up with the right client. 

As a primary resource for the CarBlip concierge team, Mona posts resources, answers questions, and coaches sales. She is always ready to work through a deal with our concierges and share her methods. In her spare time, Mona focuses on the community. She started the CarBlip Christmas Toy Drive to raise money and collect toys for families who do not have the means to get their children gifts for the holidays and likes to personally deliver these gifts to the families on Christmas Eve.

Click here to begin your car buying journey with Mona.  If you’d like to find out more about our concierge program and apply, click here.

Written by Brynn 

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