2024 has already been a very busy year. We are excited to announce the first stage of our work:

We are launching a Regulation Crowdfunding Raise on StartEngine!

Our Raise on StartEngine is now live!

CarBlip was started because we knew the traditional car-buying experience needed to be disrupted. So we set out to build a highly-scalable business based on technology to accelerate that disruption. We have spent years developing and integrating our technology with our sales process and are now scaling the business. Our mission is to drive the car-buying experience through trust, transparency, and simplicity.

CarBlip does all the heavy lifting, including finding the customer’s new vehicle, providing quotes, handling paperwork, and delivery. This end-to-end service allows our concierges to focus on our customers and make sure they have a great buying experience. CarBlip is one of the first auto sales networks that allows our salespeople to work remotely. In the two years since we launched the network, we’ve received more than 26,000 applications and have hired more than 300 concierges. We are now poised for our next phase.

To grow and continue providing these services to customers, we are seeking additional funding. This is where StartEngine comes in. By opening this raise on StartEngine, we are hoping to work with the people our service benefits to revolutionize the car-buying world.

And that’s where you come in. 

Every investment will go toward strengthening CarBlip and allow us to provide services to more people. Funding means we will be able to launch targeted marketing campaigns toward consumers to increase our brand awareness and expand our customer base. Funding means hiring more internal employees to support our current team and giving our experts the bandwidth to focus on their responsibilities. Funding means improving our office space (also known as giving our office mascot extra treats). Funding means expanding to more states to increase our hiring pool and physical presence. Funding means hiring more concierges and gaining access to their networks and coverage. And, funding means you own a piece of CarBlip and can succeed with us. 

Written by Brynn 

At CarBlip, we envision a future where car buying is synonymous with trust, transparency, and simplicity. We strive to lead the automotive industry in customer-centric innovation by evolving the car buying experience. Our vision is to be the go-to service for consumers, building relationships beyond the transaction and making every car purchase a journey of confidence, clarity, and connection.

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