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Frequently Asked Questions

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CarBlip is a new automotive platform that allows you to negotiate the price of a new car directly from the app. Shop across multiple makes and models, start negotiating deals and select the deal that is best suited for you.

CarBlip partners with dealers to bring live inventory to the app. This means that the car you see on the app are actual cars on real dealer’s lots. We allow users to shop multiple cars at once and negotiate with many different dealers at once in order to allow them to find the best deal possible. Going to multiple dealerships can be exhausting and dealing with multiple dealerships even via email and phone can be overwhelming. CarBlip brings all of this into one place. We also don’t disclose your information until you’ve confirmed an offer on the car you want.

No! This is why we created CarBlip. We don’t feel that your information should go out to multiple dealers at once. Instead, we wait until you have decided on a car and confirmed the offer to send your information to that specific dealer. No overwhelming emails. No bombarding phone calls. You negotiate your deal. You select your car. You drive the deal.

A representative will be with you shortly. We want to ensure that the dealer contacted will ensure that vehicle is still available and someone has not just purchased it. Sometimes our systems can take a few hours to update so we want to ensure the car was not just purchased. It rarely happens but we like to cover all of our bases.

Nothing. Using CarBlip is absolutely free to consumers.

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