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CarBlip is the first car concierge service of its kind that provides customers with a completely personalized car buying experience without ever having to visit a dealership. Through a mobile-based app, customers are able to build their car and submit the request to CarBlip who will locate and secure the vehicle on behalf of the customer. A CarBlip representative will assist them throughout the entire buying process – from price negotiation and paperwork to final delivery. CarBlip’s goal is to alleviate most, if not all, of the pain points that consumers often experience in the car buying process.

CarBlip is the first car concierge app that allows customers to skip the dealership entirely. Unlike other car buying apps, CarBlip works directly with dealers to secure a car on behalf of its customers. Users will be able to manage and view the entire process of their transaction from start to finish all within the app.

No! This is why we created CarBlip. Your information will only be passed to the dealership on record once you select your car. Each of our customers receives the utmost attention from our team and we don’t ever want you to feel pressure to buy a car – from us or anyone else. We are focused on providing you with the best experience possible.

Due to DMV regulations, you cannot return a car. If a customer orders the wrong car, CarBlip will work to rectify the situation on a case by case basis.

Nothing. Using our service is absolutely free to consumers.

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