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Frequently Asked Questions

CarBlip is a car buying and leasing platform that provides customers with a completely personalized car buying experience without ever having to visit a dealership. Through our car configurator, customers are able to build their ideal car exactly how they want it. Someone from our CarBlip Concierge Team will then locate all options that match their preferences. Each customer is provided with a dedicated concierge who will guide them through the entire process from negotiation to delivery. CarBlip’s goal is to alleviate most, if not all, of the pain points that consumers often experience in the car buying process.

No. We have a web app version but we strongly urge users to download the app because it provides additional features like in-app messaging and other features.

Absolutely! One of CarBlip’s greatest assets is our sales team and their combined knowledge of more than 50 years of experience. We like to refer to our sales team as “car whisperers.” They can help guide you through every aspect of the car buying process: from what car to choose, whether to finance or lease, and what warranties to get and which to skip. CarBlip is focused on getting you the best deal possible and ensuring you end up with a car that is best suited for your lifestyle and budget.

No! We do not charge our customers. Unlike other auto brokers that charge the customer, we are focused on working with people who really need a car and want to work with us. Therefore, we do not feel it is appropriate to charge upfront for our service.

Absolutely. Because we have access to rebates and incentives across all manufacturers, your dedicated CarBlip concierge provides consultation on which vehicles have the greatest discounts. CarBlip is focused on finding our customer’s the best deal possible.

Once you start the car selection process, we kindly ask for your first and last name – we need to know what to call you – as well as your contact details.

Although CarBlip maintains and/or seeks cooperative business relationships with automobile manufacturers, our suppliers and dealer principles, CarBlip remains an independent company that is not endorsed or sponsored by any particular automobile manufacturer. CarBlip is focused on remaining brand agnostic and serving the best interests of our customers.

CarBlip uses a third party supplier for all car images. In most cases, CarBlip does not obtain vehicle photos from the automobile manufacturers, so the angle, orientation, lighting, and other variables may differ from photos of the same model you see on an automobile manufacturer’s website. Vehicle photos are for reference purposes only, and do not imply any endorsement by, affiliation with, or sponsorship by the automobile manufacturer of the photographed vehicle.

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If you catch any information missing from vehicle options, please let us know at feedback@carblip.com.

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